15 years of Euroregion „Tatry”

Jubilee 15 years, which Euroregion "Tatry" is celebrated in 2009, provides an excellent opportunity to promote and popularize his work. This is the time not only to the summaries and analysis, but also to discuss the prospects for Polish-Slovak cooperation. The Euroregion “Tatry" Association, together with a Slovak partner the Region Tatry Association has realized two complementary micro projects, which include a variety of complementary activities will disseminate the results of previous cooperation, to consolidate knowledge of the Euroregion "Tatry" and cross-promote its effects and provide a basis for further Polish-Slovak initiatives.

Overall objective:
Promotion of Polish-Slovak border cooperation in the framework of the Euroregion “Tatry”

Immediate objectives:
  1. Popularize the results of fifteen cross-border cooperation in the Euroregion "Tatry".
  2. Strengthening and deepening the comprehensive Polish-Slovak cooperation between the Euroregion "Tatry" Association and the Region Tatry Association.